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Any teeny tiny plecos?

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  • Wanted Any teeny tiny plecos?

    Thought I would come back to where I spent many GREAT hours, days, weeks, months, years. And toss out this simple question. Can anyone point me to someone who may have any teeny tiny plecos. With some color or attractive markings. Max size full grown under 5 inches 29 and 55 gallon tanks with no bottom fish. Thanks Paul.

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    I would sent you to TTA for zebra's etc but he's dropped off the face of the earth it seems. But i'm sure someone has some.
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      Thanks BigBen! But someone has come through for me!
      This place may look dead. But I wouldn’t write off the fact that
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        Glad you found some.
        We have enough youth what we need is a fountain of smart


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ID:	1858 Another thing, I cry when I think of all the beautiful fish I had to give up when my health bottomed out. I love plecos and especially loaches. But right now I’m keeping with beginners tanks. Because the aids who help take care of me, take care of the tanks. It’s not really their job and they lack my passion. So I’d have to turn away beyond what would described as whip em in the kitchen sink with an aerator they’ll be ok~😁~type fish. Clowns clowning, want breakfast, acting like they’re starving to death.🙄
          Want fed fake dying of starvation 😂
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