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How does a new user earn feedback if...

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  • How does a new user earn feedback if...

    Hi folks, really old user whose user name was lost to time, forgetfulness, and a possible inactive member list purge.
    Anyway, Got a new member name and have found that established sellers do not want to sell to me because of my 0/0 feedback. When I inquired about how I may go about buying their livestock, three different sellers have replied " Deal direct" or "private sale".
    Well I did this twice with sellers that had pretty high feedback and still got burned by one of the sellers.
    And of course, I did not earn feedback, nor was I able to leave any.
    Now a third seller has instructed me to " deal direct" and send him the money.
    Now this seller has over 1000 positive feedback and He probably wouldn't screw me over, but I can't earn positive feedback if sellers won't allow me to bid or "buy it now". And I feel vulnerable after getting burned by one of the sellers who insisted on a private sale because of no feedback on my part.
    So I asked the most recent seller if there was a reason I am missing that would prevent him from wanting me to do a buy it now, so that I could earn feedback. I assured him I would send funds immediately after selecting buy it now, but he ignored my question and as far as I can tell missed out on selling that batch of sailfin mollies.
    Can anyone give me a clue about what to do?

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    What was your old username or old email address?


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      I will give you a shot, I deal with a lot of buyers with no feedback, and I must say that most of the time itis a toss up, but I beleive in the good of folks. Otherwise reach out to a seller and ask them directly if they would be willing to do business with you through aquabid, not private, keep asking don't give up, there are good sellers out here I promise!!!