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  • Beware Snookn21!!!

    Bought 9 red head Tapajos from John Kreatsoulas at 1.5" or so. Now at 4"+ they are not red head Tapajos. Messaged him with pics and he basically admitted it, his response;

    "Hi John first thought when I look at the photos is altifrons, same person breeds both. He might of give me the wrong geos. I’m going to send him the photos once I figure out how to. I’ll let you know what he says.
    Thanks John"

    That was weeks ago. He has since ghosted me and not replied to any of my emails asking him to make it right. So now I have 9 fish that I've grown to more than double/triple the size that I don't want or need. Beware of this guy. I've been told he may have been a good guy at one point, but he doesn't seem to be very honest to me!