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Beware Snookn21!!!

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  • Beware Snookn21!!!

    Bought 9 red head Tapajos from John Kreatsoulas at 1.5" or so. Now at 4"+ they are not red head Tapajos. Messaged him with pics and he basically admitted it, his response;

    "Hi John first thought when I look at the photos is altifrons, same person breeds both. He might of give me the wrong geos. I’m going to send him the photos once I figure out how to. I’ll let you know what he says.
    Thanks John"

    That was weeks ago. He has since ghosted me and not replied to any of my emails asking him to make it right. So now I have 9 fish that I've grown to more than double/triple the size that I don't want or need. Beware of this guy. I've been told he may have been a good guy at one point, but he doesn't seem to be very honest to me!

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    It sounds to me like everyone was fooled on this transaction. Including you while you raised these fish from 1.5 inches all the way up to 4 inches. What do you want him to do to "make it right"?

    Are you prepared to ship him back those 4 inch altifrons you don't want or need? I suppose you could attempt to trade them into a local shop if that is feasible in your area. You would at least recoup some of your money that way. Did Snookn21 use photos of the actual fish in his offering? Seems to me if he did then you got to check out the merchandise before spending your hard earned money on them and you were fooled too. I would refund all your money including shipping if I didn't use actual photos of the fish in my offering but just the fact it took you all this time to realize they were the wrong species just goes to show you how difficult certain fish are to ID at smaller sizes. Mistakes can happen.. If I used photos of the actual fish in the offering I would at least want them back before refunding all your cash. It sounds to me like this was the actual breeders mistake that caused this issue. Snookn21 should be able to return those altifrons to the breeder and get his money back too.



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      He used a stock photo from the alleged group of tapajos. You cant tell what geos you got until they put on some size. So i went on his word of what they were, he never mentioned that they weren't his either. I don't care if he got fooled, that's his problem to deal with reputable breeders if he's a flipper. I will ship them back to the best of my ability if ever responded. My lfs will give me pennies compared to what i spent with shipping. I want a full or at worst a partial refund. Not to be ghosted. He admitted they aren't right. Man up!


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        If he used stock photo's then I agree with you, he should refund all your loot. You bid on the species of fish he presented in his photographs and claimed you would receive and you received a totally different species Let us know how things turn out.