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  • Auction Waste of time

    Why start Auction and if not satisfied with the end bid amount seller will start another auction 😑 sent message to the seller and he said I did not achieve the reserve price. Why not post the reserve price so auctioneers will not guest? Why not sell the item instead to posting spam auction!

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    Fourc is a good man


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      Thank you so much famikert ,please don't worry there are always some that don't like the way things are done or going .I appreciate there opinion and input ,but I will still post my auction the way I like to and my (1333/1348) feedbacks prove I must be doing something right .Have a great day famikert ,and thanks again .Fish-pal Klaus .

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    Sometimes it is a test of the waters. It gives the seller a gauge of what the market will bear without the fear of the amount being too low.


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      All is well on the front and we all can go posting our auctions the way we like ,thank you Mark ..
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        Do what you do while you can still do it. :snicker:
        We have enough youth what we need is a fountain of smart