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    November/December 2019

    Be aware that Will You Eat Worms is not a reputable seller. I placed an order for live food with them and made payment in full. They sent confirmation and followed that up by asking for specific shipping address. I was told that they would ship immediately and I never heard from them again. I sent multiple emails asking for some sort of communication and never got a reply.

    Fortunately, I paid them through PayPal and I filed a complaint with them. PayPal began an investigation and has fully refunded my money after failing to get any response from Will You Eat Worms.

    Although my initial contacts were great, the company never shipped and never provided any follow up to me or to PayPal I. recommend you avoid doing business with them


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    People are funny when they take your money and never ship/email etc. Thanks for the heads up. :snicker:
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      My answer is Yes. They are high in protein.:)


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        :D Good one Bob.
        We have enough youth what we need is a fountain of smart