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  • Classic red bettas

    Hi all,
    Hoping someone knows where I can find some classic veil tail deep red bettas.
    By classic I mean the ones I use to see about 15 years ago, veil tails with a deep red wine body without other colors (maybe some darker head). Would love to get a line going. I've been looking at the auctions and shops around me (NYC) but it's all the newer ones where the red ones tend to be over a lighter body base (generally the lack of red more visible on the females and edge of fins) and also tend to have more reflective scales. Don't care about fin type, obviously halfmoons would be great but I'm focused on the color and I only remember seeing it in veil tails. I remember reading a blog somewhere a few years back where it said it was a hard color to achieve in the halfmoons because of the mixes and the difficulty selecting for absence of reflective scales.
    Anyway, if anyone knows someone that might have them please let me know.

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    In case anyone else is interested, found them at petco. Not sure if it'll become a staple there but they were priced at the lower price and had both sexes. A few reflective scales but truly minimal, and a pair for less than $10 is a great deal.