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    I recently setup a tank about a week ago. I have been cycling with 3 zebra danios and 3 water sprite. I have added Stabil the last 7 days. My ammonia was up, but now its down and my nitrates are at 20ppm. Is this a sign my tank is cycled? I came to aquariums from reptiles so this is a whole new world to me. Just looking for some guidance for when I can add some panda corys and mollies! TIA!

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    normal cycle time is 6-12 weeks.while you may be able to speed it up a bit 1 week just doesn't cut it. How big is the tank ? you can add a few more small fish to speed it up a need to give it a little more time to stabilize...


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      My ammonia and nitrite have now been holding at 0. Nitrates around 40ppm. Everything is going good fish are great water sprites are growing fast. I added 6 guppies and 2 otocinclus. I had an algae bloom 5 days ago so I have snails in too. Going to continue monitoring but my ammonia hasn't spiked for a week now. Still give it time before I add anything more?


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        I would watch it for a few more days to make sure it is about a week you should be able to start adding a little more livestock.just not a whole bunch at one time..the best of luck to you.


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          Did as you said and everything is good. Added 5 guppies and 2 ottos. I did have a bout of bga I used the bga stain remover by ultralife and its cleared up. Another question I have is when should I change the HOB filter? I have a sponge filter running too


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            for me i wait until the flow slows down a little .then rinse the cartridge in a bucket of tank water.