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Happy Friday!

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  • Happy Friday!

    Today has been a very good day. Everything is working well. Armadillos keep tilling my soil. I did feel sorry for the lonely chick from the incubator so I took him out to see his relatives. Mamma Biddy to him in as one of her own.

    Looking at some Engineered hardwood Red Oak flooring tomorrow, If my wife likes it we are getting 880 Sq ft of it. It is 5" wide planks and 1/2" thick 8 ply. Put down 3/4" natural Red oak when we built the house. Getting rid of the carpet in the bedrooms it's 30 years old.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and are Blessed by the Grace of God.
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    Good for you Red i shed my carpet years ago when the wife developed allergies from pollen being carried in but i think it was easier to replace the carpet and stop the B******G It's Soooo much easier to clean too. The bad part, installing it, but the snap and lock is like a walk in the park. Wish we have of gotten the snap/lock vinyl though, oh well if i live to 100 i might.
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