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I did a terrible thing!

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  • I did a terrible thing!

    I had come down with a stomach virus on Sunday, and the holiday just got worse after that. Yesterday started out as a good day. Fever gone feeling better and no longer a member of ATF.
    I pushed myself and over did it a little. Fever came back, the nausea, and a rechristened unproud member of ATF.

    I made a lot of rice on Tuesday to be easy my stomach. I was going to be eating it for awhile. I pushed hard yesterday morning. lots of Big Plans I was way behind on. Not to mention falling months behind on the remodeling the house. I went in around 1:30 for lunch. Mmmm! Rice! Feeling a bit daring I decided to scramble 2 of my $3 eggs and add it to the rice. After all I had worked up an appetite.

    Started getting the nausea back, fever too.

    Wife is back at school plus tutoring after work. She's whooped, I told when she left at 6:30am I'd have a nice dinner ready when she got home.
    Around 7pm she had come home. I did at least have the gate opened for her. She had also bought groceries and carried them in. I did put them away while she unloaded the car. She looked at me and told me to go set down, you look terrible.

    Well my wife got rice and eggs for dinner. I got buttered toast and ginger ale. Just about done eating and it's almost 8 o'clock. Then there was a knock on the door.

    It was a "representative" for a national cable company wanting to know if I would be interested in coming back to their service. I kind of lost it for a moment. I let him know what I thought of the company he was working for. Nothing personal to him, but after around 20 years of a good paying consumer, The only thing I had gotten from them was lousy service and the shaft.

    Only then did I realize this nice young man, very professional well dressed had a issue. I felt bad. Nice how these large companies hire Nice young people to solicit areas where they have been loosing customers. If I hadn't been feeling so bad I don't think I would have gone off on him. I'm sure they have goals to make along with unrealistic targets to hit for a decent living. Oh and they more then likely get nice tax breaks for the hiring.

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