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Happy Veteran's Day

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  • Happy Veteran's Day

    I would like to thank all our service personnel that have served at anytime in this great experiment called The United States of America.

    I've traced my father's family back to 1804 in America.

    My mother's back to France 1460's. They were imprisoned for their believes. They were then sent to Quebec as Indentured Servants (slaves) to settle the area. Her father"s family moved to Wisconsin in the 1840's.

    So my family has been here fighting wars to help keep Our Nation FREE for a little bit of time.

    So thank you again from my whole heart for everyone who has fought For Our Country and its' Constitution! God Bless you, God Bless America and may God Bless those that continue to protect Our Constitutional Freedoms .
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    Ditto Red
    We have enough youth what we need is a fountain of smart